Need immediate help?

Need further help?

If it is life-threatening emergency - call the emergency services.

If the risk is not immediately life threatening  Follow the instructions on this landbot - it will calm you - help you collect your thoughts and allow you time to make decisions about helping your child in the immediate situation. Doing this activity will role model the calmness and control you want your teenager to learn.

When this crisis is over, get in touch with LOHA - we can support you to help your teenager through their mental health problems. 

I need urgent help

Family Stories

"I can't believe he's the same boy."

Jack & Carol's Story

"I can’t thank LOHA enough – it has been life-changing."

Kay and Jenny's Story

I feel so much lighter and I can smile again.

Sade & Ife's Story

Start building your children’s emotional and mental health.

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