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If it is life-threatening emergency - call the emergency services.

If the risk is not immediately life threatening  Follow the instructions on this landbot - it will calm you - help you collect your thoughts and allow you time to make decisions about helping your child in the immediate situation. Doing this activity will role model the calmness and control you want your teenager to learn.

When this crisis is over, get in touch with LOHA - we can support you to help your teenager through their mental health problems. 

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Systemic Therapy

Systemic Therapy supports parents and carers in helping young people recognise their emotions, thoughts and feelings and find healthy ways of managing them.

There are unique benefits for all the family (CURE)


Through systemic therapy you will be able to learn new ways of doing things which will strengthen family bonds. Feeling connected will encourage your child to open up and find the right words for things they are worried about.


You'll have time and space to really listen to each other and understand why others might behave in certain ways. This understanding can help your child process their emotions and feel a sense of control.


Resilience grows through recognising ones strengths and capabilities. This can build confidence for families to discuss more challenging behaviours like self harm and your child will be able to find healthier ways of coping.


From actively listening to others and being curious as to how they perceive things, systemic therapy will help you deepen your understanding of one another and learn how to treat each other with love, respect, kindness and compassion.

What is Systemic Therapy?

01. It's a unique method of therapy

Systemic therapy is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on how an individual's personal relationships, behavior patterns, and life choices are interconnected with the issues they face in their life.

02. How is it different to individual therapy

It sees the individual not in isolation, but as part of a family, community or system. Systemic Therapy examines how the family interacts as a cohesive unit and uncovers patterns that might influence the potential for change within the family.

03. How do I know it will work for my family?

Of the families who have used our digital programmes, every one of them reported a significant improvement in their child's emotional health. In the cases where it was present, they also saw a cessation in self harm.

Digital Systemic Therapy

Systemic Therapy is a trauma-informed methodology that empowers parents to connect with their children and teenagers using C.U.R.E (Connection, Understanding, Resilience + Empathy) with the aim of preventing challenging behaviour and mental health problems, such as self-harm.

With Loha Digital Systemic Therapy, we work directly with parents, teaching techniques for helping young people to regulate their emotions and we do this digitally so you can access help immediately from whichever device you choose.

What do parents say?

LOHA Explainer Video

LOHA Explainer Video

How do I get started?

01. Email us/Join a free introductory session

Email us at to enquire about our digital programmes. Or you can join a free intro session where we meet with a group of parents (online) who are also starting with Loha and help answer any questions.

02. Select your 6 week therapy programme

You can help your child with self-harm, anxiety or other challenging aspects of life, including divorce, problems at school, bereavement or serious illness. Please get in touch if you need help with something else we have not mentioned here.

03. Complete the weekly activities

You'll be given a creative activity to complete with your family each week via our digital chatbot. Each activity takes 30-45 minutes. You can complete the activities on a phone, laptop or PC. There are human coaches on hand to help if you need it. The idea is to complete one activity per week for 6 weeks.

What happens in the 6 week programmes

A creativity activity for you to do with your family is sent weekly to your mobile or laptop.

You can help your child with self-harm, managing anxiety or other challenging aspects of life, including divorce, school transitions, bereavement or serious illness.

Please get in touch if you need help with something else.

The activities will take between 30 mins and 45 mins to complete.

Parents also have the opportunity to join a weekly 60 minute online session with a therapist or coach who will answer your questions and provide guidance and advice.

After the 6 weeks you graduate but can still access LOHA therapist or coach support.

LOHA are with you every step of the way.

Text us with any enquiries on 07928 434178

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