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If it is life-threatening emergency - call the emergency services.

If the risk is not immediately life threatening  Follow the instructions on this landbot - it will calm you - help you collect your thoughts and allow you time to make decisions about helping your child in the immediate situation. Doing this activity will role model the calmness and control you want your teenager to learn.

When this crisis is over, get in touch with LOHA - we can support you to help your teenager through their mental health problems. 

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Caring for Young People's Mental Health

LOHA supports parents to help young people develop the emotional intelligence they need to stop self-harm, reduce anxiety and develop skills to manage their emotional wellbeing.

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Treating the cause of poor mental health

Distress is the root cause of most poor mental health in young people that causes them anxiety, anger issues and may lead to them self-harming.

Systemic therapy helps build relationships in families so that parents can support their teenagers to overcome their distress and learn new ways of expressing their emotions.

Systemic therapy creates connection, understanding, resilience and empathy – the core aspects of good mental health for everyone.

Creating connection, understanding, resilience and empathy

Discover new ways of doing things

Family members learn to recognise their own strengths and capabilities. This helps build young people’s confidence and reduces their anxiety.

Raising hope

You will recognise there are new possibilities to raise your hopes for a better future.

Creates connection through creative activities

Supporting your teenager to discover how to grow as a person.

Helps all young people gain confidence

They learn to develop healthy relationships with parents, siblings and peers.

The Importance of Parental or Carer Support

Parents and carers are there the most and they care the most. Therefore, parents and carers are undoubtedly the best people to help a young person with their mental health.

We know many parents and carers feel at a loss to know how to help their child or teenager.

LOHA provide you with the tools and insights to truly help your child to better emotional wellbeing and improved mental health

What we help overcome

Self harm


Life transition

Talking about a difficult or sensitive subject

Affordable and Accessible

This is an affordable and accessible online therapy with no waiting lists.

Parents and carers are directly involved in their child’s progress and have support from therapists and coaches.

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Start building your children’s emotional and mental health.

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