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If it is life-threatening emergency - call the emergency services.

If the risk is not immediately life threatening  Follow the instructions on this landbot - it will calm you - help you collect your thoughts and allow you time to make decisions about helping your child in the immediate situation. Doing this activity will role model the calmness and control you want your teenager to learn.

When this crisis is over, get in touch with LOHA - we can support you to help your teenager through their mental health problems. 

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Systemic Therapy

Systemic Therapy supports parents and carers in helping young people recognise their emotions, thoughts and feelings and find healthy ways of managing them.

The Problems with Existing Treatment Options

Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

CAMHS have 12-36 month waiting list.

Delay causes deterioration

Delays in treatment causes young people’s mental health to deteriorate.


Drugs treat the symptoms not the cause of the young person’s problems.

Long term impact

There’s a 75% risk of young people’s mental health problems becoming chronic if left untreated.

LOHA - Systemic Therapy

Here at LOHA, our team of child psychotherapists and digital experts from UK have created a revolutionary family therapy method that combines human and digital programmes. Systemic play therapy is a trauma-informed methodology that empowers parents to connect with their children and teenagers, with the aim of preventing challenging behaviour and mental health problems, such as self-harm. With our systemic family therapy and counselling online program, we work directly with parents, teaching techniques for helping young people and children to regulate their emotions and take positive action to improve mental health for the long term.

An engaging approach to Systemic Therapy

LOHA specialise in providing systemic therapy through specially designed activities that support you as a parent to help your child or teenager manage their emotional and mental health more effectively.

Parents and carers can use LOHA’s digital system therapy to develop the skills and insights to assist young people to identify and understand their feelings, emotions and find healthy ways of managing them.

LOHA can also provide online support from experienced coaches and therapists who can help you find the answers you need to help your child with self-harm, anxiety and all aspects of life, including divorce, bereavement or serious illness.

LOHA will show you how

01. Engage your Child

We help you engage your child, build connection, understanding, resilience and empathy (CURE) through specially designed activities

02. Finding the Right Words

Young people often do not have the words to express their distressing emotions – Digital Systemic Therapy helps them find the words to describe their feelings, whilst showing them how to find healthy solutions.

03. Weekly Online Groups

Each week parents can choose to attend a parent’s group to share thoughts and insights , which helps other parents.

How Systemic Therapy Works

Family members connect and learn more about each other. Strengthening bonds between parents and young people.

Creates time and space for discussing the things that help young people develop their identity and know they can rely on parents for help.

Help young people talk about things they are worried or concerned about through informal but important conversations.

Enables the young person to find the words or describe what they are feeling so parents can help them respond in healthy ways.

Talking about something causing distress helps a young person process it and gain a sense of control.

Makes all family members feel respected, valued and cared for.

Parents can tackle challenging behaviours in a non confrontational way.

Delivering Systemic Therapy

LOHA provide a six-week digital systemic therapy programme. An activity for you to do with your family is sent weekly to your personal digital device. Each activity takes 30-45 minutes

Parents have the opportunity to join a weekly 60 minute online session with a therapist or coach who will answer your questions and provide guidance and advice.

After 6 weeks you graduate to receiving monthly digital activities and can still access LOHA therapist or coach support.

LOHA are with you every step of the way.

Start building your children’s emotional and mental health.

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