Need immediate help?

Need further help?

If it is life-threatening emergency - call the emergency services.

If the risk is not immediately life threatening  Follow the instructions on this landbot - it will calm you - help you collect your thoughts and allow you time to make decisions about helping your child in the immediate situation. Doing this activity will role model the calmness and control you want your teenager to learn.

When this crisis is over, get in touch with LOHA - we can support you to help your teenager through their mental health problems. 

I need urgent help

About Us

LOHA's vision is for all children and young people to have good mental health that lasts a lifetime

Meet the team

Who we are

LOHA are a team – our backgrounds come from therapy, psychiatry, research, education, design, technology and business. All our clinicians are highly experienced and have worked with families in many different situations and settings.

We are united in a single vision for all children and young people to learn the skills they need for a lifetime of good mental health.

Our mission is to use digital technology to assist parents and carers in helping their children, to ensure everyone gets the high-quality care they need in a timely manner.

The People Behind LOHA






Chief Psychotherapist



Our Story

The founding team of LOHA share a vision to improve children and young people’s mental health. They have worked together to find a way of using and sharing their knowledge and skills to benefit as many children and young people as possible. In person systemic therapy sessions had always been beneficial and highly effective but now they have transferred their knowledge and skills to deliver a digital version of their training and workshops - to reach as many families as possible in this time of great need. 

We know that everyone can learn the therapeutic skills that help children and young people manage their emotional wellbeing and mental health. Our digital systemic therapy shows you how and supports parents to help young people grow healthy relationships with their parents, siblings, peers and teachers.

LOHA is purpose driven - we consistently seek to improve the care and services we offer, and our profits are given to charities that provide young people with opportunity and purpose.